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Scroll down to find the off-season development program that's perfect for you! The programs below run in the Spring and Summer, and the majority are for for players who are from PeeWee to Pro. If you're looking for more information on an in-season program or groupings for younger players, please email the office at [email protected]

Quantum Speed's Custom Program is designed to help you meet your specific high developmental goals. Quantum Speed will work with you during the spring/summer to design a program that is best tailored to your needs. 

Choose how many weeks you want to skate & what part of your development is the most important to you - Technique, Power, or Speed!

Quantum Speed's Custom Program is best suited to players who are:

  • From out of town and need to condense the program to optimize travel time. 
    • ex. Skate twice a day so three weeks turns into two weeks. 
  • Would like to add an extra week to incorporate more development in a certain area. 
  • Have other commitments that need to be worked around 

Call 1-866-321-FAST(3278) or email [email protected] to discuss your Custom Program.

Program Age Spots Price
Skool June 1 - 5
Pro 24 $109.00
Skool June 8 - 12
Pro 22 $109.00